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Great Tech Gifts

It is almost that time of year where we exchange gifts with everyone we love. Tech gift are usually the most popular gifts to get and receive. Here are some of the best tech gifts this year for you to give and to get.

We should start with a tech gift that would make a great stocking stuffer, the Google Chromecast. So what it is the Google Chromecast? It is a little device that you plug into the HDMI port on your TV. This allows you to get such things as Hulu Plus, YouTube, Netflix, and even Pandora, all where you could not get it before. This item also allows you to watch Google Play movies, TV shows and movies. It is not that expensive either, to get this nifty little gadget is only $35. If you know someone who enjoys watching TV and movies this is the gift for them, and if that person is you, you might want to consider dropping some hints so you get this in your stocking this year.

An Apple MacBook Pro. Derived from this photog...

Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and they all have an opinion on which is the best kind. The Samsung Galaxy Note 3 is one of the best you can get or give this holiday season. This phone has an impressive 5.7 inch display. This phone will let you run two apps at the same time should you need to. So those who know a lot about technology are probably wondering about what is going on inside this phone. It has a quad-core Snapdragon 800 processor so that the phone can keep up with you. More and more people are foregoing digital cameras for the camera on their phone, and with this in mind Samsung created this phone with a 13-MP camera. For those who are on their phone all the time it has an remarkable battery life at more than ten hours.

In need of a new laptop this holiday season or know someone else who does? The Apple MacBook Pro is most likely the one you are going to want to get or give this year. It has a 13 inch screen so it is not too small but not so big that it is awkward carrying it around. It has 2560 X 1600 megapixels giving you a great picture when you look at the screen. This computer comes with a fourth generation Intel Core i5 processor to keep it running fast for you; it also has a faster flash memory which helps to increase its speed as well. The computer only weighs 3.7 pounds so it is light enough to take anywhere you need to go. The battery has also shown to last an amazing 9.5 hours.

These are all great tech gifts that anyone would want to give or receive. Remember to look for some good deals on them when you go shopping for them. They are some pretty impressive examples of the technology that is available as gift this holiday season. Give just one of these and you will make someone really happy this holiday season

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