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Is getting an “outstanding” rating from CNET enough? Let’s find out!

Recently, the editors at the prestigious tech website, CNET/ awarded “outstanding” rating to Malwarebytes for Windows. They were rated 4.5 stars out of 5 by the tech site. Tom McNamara, the editor, recommended Malwarebytes in the review since the scanning engine is of top-notch quality. He said that it works quite well with Windows 10 and also does a very good job of explaining the processes in simple English.

Among the very few security programs that have earned more than 4 stars from both CNET/ users and the editors, Malwarebytes for Windows is one of them.

So, after getting a rating of 4.5 stars out of 5, you must be expecting that there will be fist bumps, champagne and free kittens all around. You must also be expecting that everybody at Malwarebytes Galactic HQ would be congratulating each other at a job well done.

However, that is far from what the scene actually was at the HQ. All that Malwarebytes could think of was where they had gone wrong to have lost out on the half star. All they can think about is getting that .5 star. This is become perfection is something that is ingrained and hardcoded into the DNA of the company. After all, it has to be because you wouldn’t expect anything less from Malwarebytes.

They always strive for perfection and simply cannot settle for anything less because they figured it out that a cybercriminal will have to be right only once and on one computer. This is the only way by which they can be successful. Also, Malwarebytes said that cybercriminals are taking a number of shots. The proof lies in the 3 million+ pieces of malware that have been detected on millions of devices every single day. Every day they detect new piece of malware, which means that the work of the company and its entire staff is never done. They have to constantly strive to come up with solutions to be smarter than the cybercriminals.

The thing that keeps everyone at the company up all night is the urge to protect millions of devices. They keep doing this brutal math trying to figure out the solution. It is their aim to make sure that there are absolutely no malware attacks. This is the reason why they are constantly trying to upgrade Malwarebytes technology in order to make it a lot smarter than the cybercriminals.

As a matter of fact, the next version of Malwarebytes for Windows is around the corner. Their 3.3 version is their best protection so far and they have worked exceptionally hard to set the bar very high.

However, the company would like to clear out one thing, that is, they are humbled and thankful by the recognition bestowed upon them by CNET, but they are still not fully satisfied with themselves. Four and a half stars do mean that they are doing a pretty good job in delivering a malware-free existence for all of their customers. But, not getting that half star means to them that they still have a long way to go. This is why they simply cannot be wholly satisfied with the rating. That remaining half star is gnawing at them because just “outstanding” is not enough for them.

The company is trying its best to find out the reasons behind the half star less. They have also re-doubled their efforts of coming up with solutions that will make sure that customers are always a step ahead from cybercriminals. They have committed themselves to working even harder so that they can get the full 5 star rating for their efficiency, performance and commitment.

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