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Why You Should Turn off Your Computer When you’re done With It

Depending on your computer it can take a while to boot up when you turn it on.  This for some can be an inconvenience.  This leads many to simply leave their computer on when they are done with it so they do not have to go through the hassle of turning it back on the next time they want to use it.  Are you one of those people who just leave your computer on?  If so, did you know that do so costs you money every year?

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Turning your computer off when you are done is so simple yet it can save you money all year round.  Right now most Americans are looking for ways to save money where they can, but this is one way that most people do not think about.  It is just not something that crosses their mind, but it should.

Many people will argue that when it is in sleep mode that it does not take the electricity that it does when it is awake.  This is true.  Having your computer in sleep mode will save you money over having it constantly awake, however it is still costing you more than just turning your computer off.

There are more benefits to turning your computer off than just money savings.  Experts will tell you it is not good for your computer to be on if you are going to be away from it for more than an hour as your memory is still functioning fully and damage can occur while you are away.  It can also overheat just from being left on and running.  Overheating is a problem as if there is something close enough there is a fire risk.

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Computers are built to withstand around 40,000 power ups.  This is the equivalent of having your computer for seven years and turning it on 15 to 20 times a day.  Most people tend to replace their computers before they have them for seven years, so it is going to be fine if you continue to turn off your computer when you are done with it.

The point is, when you are looking to cut back you can cut your electric bill back if you simply turn off your computer each time you are done with it.  This is such a simple thing that most people do not even think about doing it.   Once you know though, you should make sure that each and every time you are done with your computer that you turn it off, and you will see the difference it will make on your electric bill, which will help your budget and help you cut back.

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